The Universe and Her, and I #236 written by Christopher Poindexter


I dont post often but i wanted to share my most recent discovery with all of you (perhaps i am late on my discovery). He is an amazing human and poet by the name of Christopher poindexter. Trust me, once you start reading his words you will not be able to stop. 

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"Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON."
— Albert Schweitze (via yogachocolatelove)


The Kitten And The Bananas by Alan1954 on Flickr.

Sri Lanka

two of my favourites :)


the fuck is up with buddhist themed restaurants and bars?

like, exploiting racist, orientalist themes for ‘atmo’ is one thing. but buddhism is an actual fucking religion. and the buddha is a sacred and revered figure for thousands across the world. show some respect!

i’d like to see the uproar…

i couldn’t have said it any better. 

the simple kinda things are never to take for granted 

something about this picture…

something about this picture…


that’s my goal for this school year! :D <3

The Sri Lankan bride :)

On the inside we are the same. Literally. 

On the inside we are the same. Literally. 

i literally keep studying till kingdom come :s 

Gotta love Egg Hoppers!

Lavariya : o

a piece of delicious heaven. 

I here the royal baby is finally out!